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Light House

Location! Location! Location!

The decision where to reside is the most important decision a family has to make because it has a significant impact on human life in many ways , to some extent even your health can depend on it. 
   There are two major factors that determine the value of a property - supply and demand. Market is in a constant change , but what never changes is that more desirable neighborhoods are more valuable.  
   I would like to offer you my expertise so you can make the best decision if you buy, sell or mortgage a property.

Please choose from one of our offers and save time and money

Image by Tierra Mallorca

Buyer's Guideline

  • Get pre-approved

  • Zoom meeting (or in-person if preferred) to evaluate your needs and have a picture of a property which fulfills the meaning of home in your mind

  • Search for a home

  • Make an offer

  • Present and negotiate offer

  • Deliver deposit

  • Fulfill conditions

  • Closing day

As a Mortgage Agent I can help you determine your affordability and get a pre-approval. With this package  I will present to you an optimal furniture layout and will provide a free color consultation.

Image by Tierra Mallorca

Seller's Guideline

  • Zoom meeting (or in-person if preferred)

  • Home evaluation (if any changes, renovation, de-cluttering etc., has to be made) and establishing a price

  • Prepare your home

  • List it for sale

  • Offers and negotiations

  • Final details 

  • Closing day

This package will include free staging and free photos of your property. 

Image by Luke Stackpoole

Lease Guideline

  • Zoom meeting

  • Determine the next step, depending if you are a future tenant or a landlord

  •      If you looking for a tenancy 

  • search for homes

  • Make an offer

  • Deliver deposit

  • Closing day

  •     If you are looking to rent out your property

  • Prepare your property

  • List for rent

  • Offers and negotiations

  • Closing day


There are different expenses involved if you are buying or selling a property.   

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