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My Story

My passion for houses and interior design began at a young age. I used to decorate interiors for my dolls as a child and this continued into my adult life where I now design homes for people. One of my objectives as a Real Estate Agent and Certified Interior Decorator is for you to feel comfortable in your own home. Feeling relaxed in the space you live in will determine the quality of your day, your week, and perhaps even your entire being. 

   Becoming an Interior Decorator was not a hard choice. I had already decided that I wanted to pursue interior design and received my certificate from Durham College. During my time there, I had the opportunity to see how important the design is in the selling process and as a next step,  I received my Real Estate License . These certifications give me a wider approach  to resolve any issues my clients may face when they are making such a big decision.

Buying or selling a home should feel impactful but not frustrating. I believe that my passion and expertise can aid you in making the right decisions for your most valuable asset, your home.


Old Dolls House

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